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Think and Grow Rich is the No. 1 Inspirational classic for individuals who are interested in learning from important figures in history. It was written by Napoleon Hill after he spent over 20 years spent researching the accomplishments and attributes of 500 of the most successful people in business.

The book sets out the 13 key principles for success as identified through this research. Think and Grow Rich is a timeless classic that has guided many to success, and has sold millions of copies for nearly three quarters of a century.

Don't spend another moment wondering whether "Think and Grow Rich" can work for you. It can, specifically if you do the work in this book exactly as it is written in both spirit and form.


In the first quarter of 2019, I decided to dive in the internet and find out out how realistic and possible, it is to create an income online. I researched and interrogated thoroughly many sites and systems intensively to find genuine and reliable methods/systems of making money online.

To begin with, I thought it was a walk in the park, just a click here and there, watch a few YouTube videos and walaah.... Ka..ching ka..ching would start streaming in, in USD.

I was in for an awakening!

The good news is that the Global online business is projected to make whooping 3,452 BILLION (3.453 TRILLION) dollars this year - 2019. USA tops in partaking USD 100 billion while China accounting to close to 20% of the global online business. This is where you bite your first finger and ask - How can I tap into 1.0% of this business?

The opportunities are there. Let's dive in together...